My name is Tristan Rettich, I currently live in Montreal and work as a lead texture artist at Method Studios.

I am also an instructor, and a freelance artist.

I grew up in Haida Gwaii

I am a gigantic film and music nerd.

What I post here is WIPS and things I never complete, ramblings, and sharing other artists that are currently inspiring me.

I am doing a collaboration with Niyazi Selimoğlu. This is the progress ive made so far on texturing/shading/lighting his sculpt.

I created this study in 3.5 hours yesterday, trying to practice likeness

dunevalley Discovery factorybot3

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horse Elephant



Did an anatomy study all day last Saturday.. will continue this soon, planning to do torsos of all different body types. Then Legs, then Heads.

11025743_10152649596035764_6857604225967428197_n anatomy

I just finished watching The Double . I thought it was brilliant. I would suggest it to anyone that enjoys films by Terry Gilliam, it somehow pulls of a heavy dose of his vibe while maintaining being original and engaging, with an acute attention to detail with every aspect of each shot. The love for film by all of the people involved in making this one came through vividly in the production.The sound design in the film was especially fantastic. Can’t wait to see more from Richard Ayoade.

Really, really enjoying this album –

Sharing one of my favourite artists out there today, Ashley Wood, his stuff is beyond cool, I hope to own some of his designs one day.

Very inspired today by Trevor Claxton‘s update on his blog. Check it out! Juicy, delicious sci fi fun.

If anyone reading this has not seen Keloid, stop what you are doing and spend the next 6 minutes watching this ( enough time to watch it twice )

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