Think Tank Training Center – Owner Scott Thompson, Vancouver BC

Tristan Rettich has become an integral part of our training team. Upon arrival at Think Tank he reviewed the curriculum and updated where necessary to a more effective relevant information pool. Artists training under Tristan have expressed appreciation for his clean methodical teaching style. We consider him an essential asset.

Band of Rascals

We were looking for a complete album art design, and didn’t have a ton of ideas to work with. Tristan was able to take our limited input and fully deliver beautiful art from front to back that captured our sound perfectly. Small changes were made quickly when requested and Tristan was efficient and easy to communicate with throughout the whole project.

Western X

Tessa Mapp, Lighting TD,

As the most senior Lighter on the feature ‘Super Buddies’, I helped train Tristan to take on shots for the film – which was a secondary role for him but one which he rose to the challenge of. I offered guidance on lighting and shading, and he showed real enthusiasm, quickness to learn and talent in this area. In particular, he picked up time management skills and was able to respond to requests from compositors quickly and efficiently.

It is true he is enthusiastic, not just about CG but about learning in general, something I feel is key to becoming a really good worker ( or even future lead ). He is also someone who helps to keep others inspired in a team, who has new ideas and isn’t afraid of discussion. But what makes Tristan really stand out is his artistic talent. The potential is all there with

Tristan and I know that he can do anything he puts his mind to (I just wish I could convince him that it is lighting!!!) Hire him

James Tichenor, VFX Supervisor Western X

I am very pleased to recommend Tristan Rettich as a CG model, texture and lighting artist.

I made a brilliant decision bringing Tristan on board at Western X. He joined our pre-production team to model and texture a significant number of assets in our current production of Super Buddies.

In the many months he has been with us, Tristan has proven to be conscientious, a hard worker, a fast learner and an artist with a strong eye. Tristan was responsible for developing animation-ready meshes of characters, props and vehicles. He learned our pipeline and proprietary tools quickly and was always eager to learn more and help out in any way possible.

As a consequence of continually proving himself to be not only passionate but hard working, we extended Tristan’s contract multiple times to keep working on the assets he had been creating, and help with the later stages of production, now as a lighting artist.

Tristan is fast, driven and ambitious, committed to his work and passionate for the industry. I believe that Tristan will add value to any team he is a part of, and that he is an asset to our industry.

From Art Institute of Vancouver, Vancouver BC

Dave Major, Technical Artist

Tristan is a dedicated artist, his work reflects his pursuit of excellence.

A pleasure to work with, Tristan would be a quality addition to any studio.

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