Alien zbrush sculpt WIP, just a screengrab, still sculpting/painting, will do proper renders soon 🙂


Image converted using ifftoany




Done modeling, UV’ing, next I will be Zbrushing the leather surfaces 😀 The fun stuff begins! (cant wait to start shading it)


Put a few more hours into the shoe today, cleaning up the edge flow, refining shapes, fitting the pieces together, and some UV unwrapping.




I started a new project yesterday. I decided to model something in my house and after a while of searching I decided that the most challenging thing I could chose was my leather shoes.

I have put about 3hours of time into the modeling at this point.  I still have lots of work to do on the mesh to clean it up , but so far I have been working on the shapes, and proportions


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  1. Looking for critiques as well, if you notice something or have a suggestion for me please don’t hesitate =)

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